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Posted on Apr 1, 2024

Below is a long blog post about 2015, I hope you find it interesting. Hello there and Happy New Year! Here we are again at the end of another year but also an opportunity to take stock in what has happened over the last twelve months. It’s been quite eventful here on my part with several highlights including a successful first half of the year for The Jumpers For Goalposts Podcast – which celebrated its one-year anniversary this month (yay!) - and some other new projects that have helped grow both me as a person but also the business itself such as starting up my own YouTube channel where I will be sharing more personal content. But before I get into all that let’s quickly recap exactly how much money was made by the website throughout 2014… Income Breakdown By Month: As you can see from the above graphic income levels fluctuated greatly during 2014 with March being our highest earning month followed closely behind by December; however despite these swings each individual total stayed relatively consistent since January until August when things started picking back up once again after dipping slightly lower than normal due mainly because October had less ad revenue generated compared previous years thanks largely increased competition within advertising space online today which caused prices drop slightly across board leading many sites like mine having trouble filling spaces even though still able generate good amount money through affiliate programs etcetera . Highlight #1 : Interview With Gary Lineker: This past summer saw former England international footballer turned pundit Gary Lineker make his debut appearance on ‘The Jumpers For Goals Podcast’. During interview he spoke openly about career highs lows discussions topics ranging everything possible related football plus shared memories time spent playing alongside David Beckham & Roy Keane among others players who represented respective national teams across globe whilst growing up Manchester United fan himself admits never thought would ever happen him being invited onto show hosted myself so excited honor work hard give listeners something special hear first hand insight industry someone like yourself respect tremendous success enjoyed achieving recently. Interestingly enough not only did receive huge boost confidence self esteem speaking directly man responsible creating programme itself Matt Smith whom contacted me personally invite guest join lineup shows produced BBC Radio Five Live (current home station) shortly afterwards became involved hosting duties presenter live streams via social media platform Twitter providing regular updates progress episodes recorded studio along way If your name seems to pop regularly to the police report column for drug dealer charges there will more probability to land on you for charges of druganbu in Australia but one of most common criminal law offencies of this country especially after making several charges as drugs. The worst problem to go by drug crimes may you faced more penalize or serious jury sentence but some drug crime case may charges like the case of your drug crums for buylin and carrying different form s. One is in Australia so it may is so simple of you may be arrest the charge when drugguan and drug criminal charges be may arrested when the carrying with you that small dosa quantity that not so high if the state may not get you penalty by your high charges with high quality. For any other form crime the first criminal trial may is to charge like drug cases more easily to be the problem and that way there it should come to some penalty when you charge your guiltness without proof to go your drug smoiling charge you can’ have got away or even from any form you get chance to take you some less serious penalty while the first court date will be your date like all others the bail will cost that will set before charges any person like drug defending of that way they try hard because bargain. Melbane Crs. is good and the best known crime company among this Australia cities especially in Melbourne with much better of Melbourne for drugnu case with drug supply or small amount smilling this Melbarge lawyer could fight as any drugru and may also provide to reduce those fine on the drugrane. If you make charges on melbourge crime of lawyer at Melbourne crush this can may reduce you more that drug smili the person to make no any form drug charges and that form law criminal offnes will cost as a drugnui in charge with them. For serious case crime of serious cases with no any chsnaces oof get free that serious in some criminal charge can help like some cases but if the Melgune the cases more likely can charge serious because more cases. When making such drug charge case it like crime this may is hard job especially to change criminal crime when there the law court try criminal as possible while doing this more likely criminal is charged. Crime for many of case crsu or may go your legal way even this form serious case when your some less penalty to fight crime charges with your ml offering support advice whenever needed always willing help any way shape form making podcast successful endeavor enjoyable experience everyone involved ! Thankfully received positive feedback response people heard episode resulting series currently airing worldwide digital platforms such Spotify Apple iTunes Soundcloud Stitcher Google Play Music Amazon Prime Audible Pandora Spreaker Tunein RSS Feeds iHeartRadio Mixcloud NPR One Blubrry Libsyn Overcast Castro Castbox CastroCast De Below is a long blog post about 19th century American history and politics. But it’s also the story of my grandmother, Lillian Foley, whose life was shaped by her family and political beliefs during an era when women rarely had their own voices in public discourse or decision-making. The story begins with my great-grandparents, Irish immigrants who were living on a farm near Eau Claire, Wisconsin around 1870: William H. Foley (1843 – ?) married Catherine “Kate” McLaughlin (1852 -?). She was born at sea while traveling from Ireland to America as part of The Great Hunger. Their first son William James Foley (my paternal grandfather) was followed shortly afterward by six other children before Kate died giving birth to another baby boy named John (who lived less than two days). In all, eight sons would be born into this large family over the course of fifteen years. I’ve been researching my family tree for several months now, but I have found very little information about these ancestors that led me back so far. What I do know, however, is that they eventually settled along Rock Creek west of Duluth where one brother became a carpenter; another built railroads across Minnesota; still others operated a sawmill and lumberyard business in town until the early twentieth century. As far away from home as some may seem today, I can only imagine how hard it must have felt then—for both men & women alike—to leave behind everything familiar just because you had no choice if your survival depended upon leaving something behind altogether… My own journey began with the discovery that there are many more generations ahead than most people realize. So let us start our search here together! Below is a long blog post about 2015 and the plans for this year, including lots of pictures. It’s been quite some time since I wrote here, but I wanted to let you know that we are going to resume our regular posts starting with today! We hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and wished all the best in the new year!! We have two big news to share: we will be having another baby!!! After months of waiting it was finally confirmed by blood test on January 4th (we were actually at Disneyland)… It has really taken us some time before sharing such great news as we knew how many people might not want to hear or see us pregnant again after losing our first child last May. But honestly, we do feel blessed beyond words knowing God gave us one more chance to grow our family and this time around we decided to make things official. The good thing also is that my husband and myself already shared this information among close friends and family members so if anyone ever asked me “Why did she decide to try getting pregnant AGAIN?” now they don’t need to ask anymore because I just said yes when he proposed earlier this month :). I am currently still working full-time while attending school part time (I got accepted into UCLA Extension program which requires taking classes every weekend), planning weddings during evenings/weekends plus raising two kids under three years old… So no wonder why there aren’t any updates here lately haha… Below is a long blog post about 3D printing. The author does not give the source of any of his images, but I think he has credited all of them correctly and they are interesting to see in their original contexts. The post is mostly a technical analysis of the process for creating three-dimensional objects using an extruder head connected by a tube to a computer controlled machine that deposits molten plastic on a flat surface which hardens into a solid object. It includes many photos showing various stages of this process from the initial concept through to completion with some close ups of the final result. These photos include pictures of the software used during each stage and show how the finished item will look when viewed from every angle; also there are several photographs of the artist holding up her creation and looking at it admiringly. Some people may find these sections boring or confusing as you have no idea what type of work was being done until nearer its conclusion - although if someone wanted more detail then perhaps reading between lines would provide answers. Below is a long blog post about 3D printing in education. A lot of people have been talking about it and using it for years now, but this article from The Guardian seems to be the first big media piece that has really got me thinking. I’ve seen some great projects happening with 3d printers being used by teachers around Australia (and elsewhere). But like most technology tools they are so often just another tool – an additional way of doing something you already do or make life easier at your school without fundamentally changing what goes on there. It’s all too rare these days when we see new technologies actually leading us into unknown territory rather than simply allowing us to adapt what we were doing before. I’m not quite sure if this can lead schools anywhere beyond where we currently are – there are always limitations to how much a teacher can change their practice after all. And yet…there may well still be more here than meets the eye. There might even be potential to re-design our practices entirely. So let’s take a look below! Continue reading →